Casio G-Shock G-Lide


The 09 version of the classic. Shock resistant, water resistant (200m), low temperature resistant (-20C), with double velcro and clip strap to keep your watch where it should be while you dive, basejump or just have a loose Thursday night.

Databank 09

The limited 09 Japan-only colourway. Fresh.

Nagoya June 09

We found a few extra photos from the last leg of our Japan trip – the 052 Nagoya. We only had a few days in Nagoya but managed to catch up with a few of our homeboys and of course made sure to fill up on the staples – misokatsu & tebasaki (photos next time).

Maki & Genko (Genko Turbo Corporation.)

The Nagoya Swagger/Phenomenon boys

Homeboy Michi and his century-old stereoscope

North Face JPN Shoulder Bag

Part of the North Face Japan ECOPET Line. Made from 100% recylced materials (PET bottles). Limited quantities.

KRink Decks

Some of you will remember these decks from the KRink – New Work exhibitions and/or the No Comply Deck Show a few months ago. Well, Alex from NICE/No Comply was good enough to send a few the shop’s way along with some of Mr. 44’s (Foreign Family) works aswell.

Good looking out man.

Tokyo June 09

About twice a year, our Sydney contingent will take a little trip to Tokyo to visit our homies, colleagues and the Japanese members of the HALF*SLEEVE* family. The first trip this year went down a few weeks ago – and this time we took DZ (The Ol’ Good) along for the ride. Lots of work got done, good times were had but unfortunately, when it comes to taking awesome, arty, blog-worthy holiday shots, we’re probably the worst there is – but here’s what we came home with anyway. Enjoy. WARNING – This is a mega long post.


With it being DZ’s first full day in town, we’d thought we take him around on the obligatory Urahara tour. By the time we had circled the area for the 4th time, and DZ had pulled his jaw from the floor, it was about time to hit the piss (giddyup!). Tuesday night started the trend for what was going to be a long-ass week of work in the day and not much sleep in the night. We met up with a few ex-Sydneians who now call Tokyo home. After starting at an izakaya populated by chain-smoking, brown-haired gyaru (google it) we then made our way to Bar 27 in the club area where things got a little sticky. Sorry we couldn’t really post all the pics up, but hopefully you get the idea hey.

All that is good in life: Tunes, Cigarettes, and Gyoza. The beer hadn’t arrived yet.

Taka and Atsu (GIM Jp). Forget what you read in Honeyee, Atsu IS Mr. Urahara

Old friends: Masa, Kayo, Shin, that Ol’ Good bloke, Trisha and everybody’s favourite dailo – Big Joe

Gettin a lil krafty; and The Ol’ Good gets girls narr mean! haha

…then a little later on

…a little later after that…

…and even later still.


After a productive day at the offices and meeting up with more old friends, it was time to head to the pub to watch the Aussie vs Japan soccer game. Things were all good and friendly while Japan was leading in the first half, but when Australia took the lead in the second half things all of a sudden things weren’t looking so flash for a bunch of Aussies well on the piss in the middle of a sea of blue jerseys. If you’ve never seen absolutely normal looking Japanese people suddenly get all narky and ghetto on your arse, then you should have been there with us that night. But after all was said and done, and the die-hard fans had slipped out the back door, shit calmed down and we met some pretty interesting people. By chance, our homeboy, Sneak, from Sydney was in Tokes as well that night so that meant only ONE thing … we weren’t really sure what that one thing was so we just went drinking instead.

Our homeboy Teppei (sophnet)

Jun (Props Store); and Elmaa (Mackdaddy/Height)

The game at the pub

Like we said, The Ol’ Good gets girls narr mean!

Multiple time World Yo-Yo Champ Yuuki Spencer… no seriously, why else would you carry a purple yoyo with you to the pub?

Back at Bar 27 with our favourite beer wench Yuri and ex-Sydney bro Shige

Sneak and Kick (Swagger) @Destiny

The turnout @Harlem

The Mackdaddy/Height boys

Sneak about to throw down @Harlem, 100% adlib, 100% bullshit

Good times


After more meet and greets in the day and a visit to probably one of the illest fabric providers in Urahara, we headed to Club Axxcis to check out the CopyRight(UK) live art / Stillas collab-t drop Party. Besides almost suffocating from the fumes during the live art demo (I mean it was in a club for godsake) the night was crackin off pretty hard. Our boy Iriki from Radd Lounge made sure the tequila kept flowing and the current Miss Japan (yes, you read right) made sure other unnamed liquids kept flowing. Unfortunately, neither DZ or we could be arsed lugging a camera to the club so all we got from the night were these lousy two camera pictures. Sorry. You can check out better pics of the event at Chris’s flikr roll here.

CopyRight doing his thing (notice he’s the only one with a mask); and DZ gettin krump … by himself haha

Iriki (Radd Lounge)


Friday we went to the beach. Which was one time more than the number of times we could during the last Sydney summer thanks to our hectic schedule. Needless to say, we didn’t bother taking photos.


Saturday was a rest day for us. We cruised around Akihabara to pick up some cheap parts for our lappies, some really awesome porn (they do it oh so right in this country), and some wierd kooky shit at Don Quiote. The night took us to an all-u-can-drink-til-the-first-train-at-5am karaoke. Not much blog worthy stuff happened so here are some shots that you might find in anyone’s My trip to Japan flikr roll.

The obligatory Akiba shot

The obligatory karaoke shot

The obligatory guy passed out on the couch shot


Sunday was our last day in Tokyo. You’d reckon that there wouldn’t be much going on in Tokyo on a Sunday night especially with the emphasis Japanese put on work, punctuality and what not – but thou shalt never assume! We heard on the vine that Camelot was throwing the Maneater 2nd Year Anniversary. Now for those of you that don’t know, the Maneater “Girls Entertainment” group is a bunch of amazingly hot girls that prance around wearing next to nothing for no good reason. Three thumbs up. They were featured in a few of Yonehara Yasumasa’s recent campaigns for safesex and can be seen at a weekly show in Shibuya – kinda like the Japanese version of the Vegas pussycat dolls i guess. Anyway, we headed down to the club with a bunch of VIP passes from our boy Hisa (Gravis/Burton) not really knowing what to expect. What we found … well just check the photos.


Easy big fella!

DJ F.Y.S aka Bingo (Mackdaddy/Height)

The granddaddy himself – Yone

DJ Daruma (Dexpistols/Rocstar)

DJ Maar (Dexpistols)

Model Yurisa

The Ol’ Good getting some love in the club

Hometime, don’t you reckon DZ?

oh and Erina from Maneater, if you see this … we declare our undying love for you. Come to Sydney, PLEASE!

So in one quick week, which felt more like one really long day, we were back home without as much as a photo of a shrine, a postcard or a random t-shirt with humourous english printed on it. Ah well, if you wanted to see that then we assume that’s what people’s facebook albums are for hey.

Look out for HS x Tokes Round 2 coming up in a few months! Peace


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