Following on with the recent wave of classic hiphop acts to visit our fine city, this time the godfather of beatboxing, Rahzel, has just confirmed his show at the Fart Factory on Nov 11th. Be quick, 1st release tix are already GONE!


If you’ve been living in a hole for the last week or so …

After the Megarampage Festival in Melbourne megafailed and left everyone stranded in Sunshine without a machete, the man himself, Lil Jon, has decided to grace our fine city with his awesomeness! If you got a spare 90 bucks lying around and you’re free this Thursday, we’ll see def see you there!

Oh, and there’s apparently some support act called the Wu Tang Clan. They’re apparently menna be pretty good.

<td style=‘padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;’ colspan=‘2’A Moment in the life of Lil Jon – Oprah
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coz its Friday ...

Thanks to Mishka Blogin.

10 Deep Fall09 Del2

Proud to be a Problem Tee, Better Luck Next Time Tee & the Paddington Plus Zip Hoody

East River Navigator (Gingham check)

Here’s the second installment of Fall09 from those other New York boys. Just a few tees, the notorious East River Navigator (deeper than the Supreme cap so it doesn’t make you look like a Downie) this time in 3 dope Gingham checks and our personal favourite – the Paddington Plus Hooded Sweat with zip and wooden toggles. Yeowch!

Mishka Fall09 Del2

Top: Scorpio Tee, Gemini Tee, Virgo Tee (complete with naked boobies); Bottom: KWP Game Face Tee & Intestine Mop Tee

Top: Tailgate Snap, Satin Keep Watch Fitted; Bottom: D.A Sports Script Snapbacks

Thanks for being patient! The Mishka Fall drop of tees and caps are finally in. We’ve brought in the dopest tees from their star sign series (sorry if your’s is not covered) and two variations on some of the more infamous Mishka characters. Snaps are hot as per usual (those that keep missing out, we’d suggest you jump on these ones) and of course the every popular Keep Watch fitted this time in a classy black satin ooooh!


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