Mishka Fall09 Del2

Top: Scorpio Tee, Gemini Tee, Virgo Tee (complete with naked boobies); Bottom: KWP Game Face Tee & Intestine Mop Tee

Top: Tailgate Snap, Satin Keep Watch Fitted; Bottom: D.A Sports Script Snapbacks

Thanks for being patient! The Mishka Fall drop of tees and caps are finally in. We’ve brought in the dopest tees from their star sign series (sorry if your’s is not covered) and two variations on some of the more infamous Mishka characters. Snaps are hot as per usual (those that keep missing out, we’d suggest you jump on these ones) and of course the every popular Keep Watch fitted this time in a classy black satin ooooh!

Get Wasted or Die Tryin'

Over the weekend HALF*SLEEVE* extended familia, Wei, had his bucks. We were honoured to be given the job of designing the tee for the day. And since the bucks consisted of a massive 16-stop monopoly pubcrawl round the city, and Wei being dressed up as a rather camp version of the Monopoly Man, we thought the above design would be fitting. The front print consists of Wei being dragged off to the proverbial marital jail, while the back kinda sums up the sentiment of the day.

Congrats Wei and Chazza!

Tees are not for sale.

Donatello 2009

The new look shop blackbizzle

Ol'GOOD ... the return!

DZ and the love of his life

After being M.I.A for a good while, DZ (Ol’Good) dropped by today to say whaddup. Seems like the Ol’Good will be back with the fresh-fresh late November. Some of the designs we’ve seen so far have been ill so we’re really looking forward to this one. Keep watching this space!

PS. The OG Sunday Ride Sessions are going strong every weekend. Meet up at Martin Place after 5pm for anyone interested.


Homies Charles and Katrina from Beadaholic Work Shop dropped in today to have a chat and show us their latest handywork. Basically, if its dope and you’ve forgotten about it, they’ll have made it outta beads. And whats awesome about these guys is that they can customise each piece to be whatever – a pendant, ring, badge, earing etc. Apparently their recent range of Mario characters has been killin it lately.

If you’re interested in picking up anything, you can find them hustling at the markets on the weekend or hit em up on facebook here.

The 3.5" floppy pendant is nuts!


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