The Ol' Good Mixtape 2009

Mixed by Crackbaby.

Hindsight's a BITCH!

Adidas … coulda woulda shoulda. haha

Kinfolk Bicycles

The brainchild of Sydney local John Bobby Buellens and his company Ways&Means, The Kinfolk Bicycle Co. is emerging as one of the Premier fixed-gear bicycle frame builders in Japan. They have recently teamed up with monster Tokyo bike shop Carnival to produce this latest collabo effort. They’re attention to detail like their forged headbadge (sick) and super clean graphics set them apart from other steel frame builders. Also, having each frame handbuilt by master keirin (track bike) builder Kusaka doesn’t hurt either.

Killin it mate.

Here comes RS Fall09.


Someone’s eager

Gameface Gonga style

So for those of you that have been following our blog (thx), you would probably know that yesterday was Judgement Day. The Teik vs V Race up Centrepoint in the Sydney Tower Run-Up was ON. After two solid weeks of tuna salads, early morning trainings, smoke-free livin’ and copping a whole bunch of shit from Gongface about the size of my gut, I was more than ready to get it over and done with.

But upon arriving at Pitt St Mall for rego, we were met with a sight no normal person should have to see ever… that’s right… fit people. Shit! And i’m not talking about your Once-a-week-at-the-gym type fit people, it was more like your Are-calf-muscles-menna-stick-out-that-way type people, and a WHOLE bunch of them. Eek right? Man, you don’t EVEN know. But after spotting a tubby-looking bald guy sheepishly waiting in the shadows, I assured myself that I probably wouldn’t come last and went to get my race singlet.

I’ve always found waiting around for the start of a race kinda interesting – even back in the school athletics carnival days. Everyone sizing themselves up against the competition, warming up, stretching, and generally looking athletic. Well since I wasn’t going to fool anyone into thinking that I was athletic, I decided to rack as many of those free bottled waters as I could. So with backpack nicely loaded up, I headed to the marshalling area. The wait was soon over and the old lady in the Heart Foundation polo shirt got ready… got set… and sounded the horn. Giddyup time. (V took off 10 mins later time with the girls.)

Now the start was fine. I actually lead up the first 10 floors before we hit the main column! Woot! But unfortunately I peaked way too early because as soon as we hit the main stairwell I was about ready to turn around and go home. In what can be best described as the closest thing to hell on earth (no shit), I laboured up what turned out to be the 56 floors. Yes, fifty-six! Sound fun? Well, throw in a handrail so thin and rusty that everytime you tried to heave your fatarse up some stairs it cut your palm open; a constant dustcloud in the stairwell that filled your lungs to the point where you feared the next cough would bring up a small cinder block; the tedium of white wall after white wall after white wall; and just for the fun of it, how about throwing in another 50 odd sweaty wheezing dudes trying to push their way past you the whole way up. Fun times.

Well believe it or not, I eventually did finish the race. They say that when you reach the top you feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride. They say that in moments like that you can really appreciate the value of hard work and training. Man, all I could think of was ‘which one of these elevators takes me to the pub’. (And apparently all V could think of when she reached the top was ‘fuu..fuc..fuu..king…ff..fuu…fuc……ck…ffuuu….wait for it….fuck’)

So after meeting V back down on earth, the moment of truth was upon us – time to check the racetimes. And with a hunj on the line from my side and fifty from V, we weren’t about to shake hands, say ‘Nice race mate’ and walk away. This was for the farm baby! So barely able to stand straight, we manouvered through the crowd to the notice board and this is what we saw…

Oh snap! So you know what that means…

but rest assure that in these tough recessionary times, the 50 beans weren’t banked in some savings account, no, like the good citizens that we are, the money was swiftly pumped back into the economy where it belongs. Big ups to Colonel Sanders, the Malboro Man & the Tooheys Brothers…

Man, it’s good to be back!



Thx to Cortzie for the photos


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