Day 2 - Osaka

Heyyo Osaka, miss us?

Day 1

Well instead of doing one massive long megapost when we came back like last time. This time we’ve decided to blog on the go. Technology is a wonderful thing.

After a night on the piss with no sleep (probably not the best idea) we managed to board our 5:30am flight, stumble thru the Gold Coast and get to Osaka in one piece. Amped.

Japan vs HLFSLV ... Round 2 ... Fight!

yeah that’s right, I always used to use Blanka … got a problem with that?

Heyyo!! Its on again – we’re off to Japan. This time, THE Mr Josh Akiyama Sutton is jumping on board to visit the home he grew up in, and Superkid Aon is coming along to school us on just how to get loose.

We’ll be back in about two weeks bigger and much much better (lots of things coming up for the end of the year!)

And in the meantime, #1 homie, Big V will be looking after the shop. Business as usual.



Fresh Frank Fitteds



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